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Rick Snyder - Governor, State of Michigan
Brian Calley - Lt. Governor, State of Michigan
Kim Homan - Director, Michigan Land Bank
Kevin Francart - Deputy Director, Michigan Land Bank
ADR Consultants, LLC - Technical Assistance / Program Manager

This Site dedicated to support the Michigan State Landbank Demolition initiative.  Contractor and Bid Information will be posted on this site regularly so please bookmark and check back often.

4.8.2014 - UPDATE

MLB - All available MLB inventory in process. 

Blight Elimination - All available Detroit  inventory in process.  Balance of 250 properties needed to encumber balance of funds in process with City. 

HHF - 563 Detroit Properties released by DLBA in production with first awards of 296 in contract.  Balance completing Asbestos survey and planned RFP issue to begin 4/14/2014.  Field demo activity initiate week of 4/23/14.


Hardest Hit Funds Round 1 Contractor Qualifications are complete and posted in the Hardest Hit Funds Section.

“Open Enrollment” period effective 12/1/2013 has begun whereas Non Conforming Respondents as well as new contractors can apply anytime for program inclusion.

See the "Hardest Hit Funds" Tab above or CLICK HERE for additional information and documents.

Michigan Blight Elimination Program 2013 /2014

34 Community Grant Applications have Received Funding.  Program Total Funding is $14.38M.

Demolition Activities underway

             Outstate Dashboard

                        Planned     Actual          %

Preliminary Grant Award  34               34               100%

MLB Contract W/ Grantee  34               34               100% 

Received Documentation from Grantee for feasibility Evaluation:                      34               34                100%

Grant Feasibility Analysis Completed:
                                       34               34               100%    

Grant Approval issued:      34               34               100% 

MLB / Grantee Contract Execution           34                  34             100%

Feasibility Approval         $14.4M            $14.1M         98% 

Operational Status Programs
                                       34                   24              71%

Programs Complete           34                   18              53%   

Invoice Amount To Date   $14.4M            $6.7M        46%

Total Structures Demolished to Date: 

                                       893               554          62%       
Total Structures to be demolished in program: 893


Green Demolition Intiatives to reduce landfill waste as well as reduce cost for Detroit, Pontiac, Fint and Saginaw

Expedited Payment Discount Program in place for contractors who wish to participate in exchange for % discount on total job.

Demolition Dashboard Status:

Demolition Target Area Maps with Program Status:

Consolidated Overview with Publicly Owned Land Analysis

DPS Demolition Joint Detroit Project - Southwest & Area C

Contact ADR Consultants directly with Questions:
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